Is WOTC the Only Program We Review?

WOTC is a great program for almost every employer.  But clients will benefit from looking at all Employer Based Tax Incentives.  The most notable two programs in addition to WOTC are Section 41 R&D Tax Credit, and the Startup Tax Credits.

What Types of Employees Qualify?  

Regardless of Any Individual Candidate or Employee

Virtually All Employers in These Industries Qualify for Employer Based Tax Incentives:

  • Manufacturers
  • Software Companies
  • Producers of Products 
  • Architectural / Engineering / Design Groups
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Labs
  • Startup Companies
  • Companies Performing Technical Functions

Why Do They Qualify?
The Financial Meltdown in the mid 2000's brought about a renewed focus on Job Creation.  With this we saw massive expansion of Federal Tax Incentives for creating, and maintaining jobs.  This was done through the Small Business Jobs Act, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Numerous Job Creation and Protection Acts, and most notable the PATH Act signed by President Obama for effective changes in 2016 through 2022.

The pattern in the last decade is that with the passing of each Act, more and more companies are eligible for Employee based Tax Incentives that broaden not only WOTC itself, but hundreds of programs that surround it.  

Virtually any business can now benefit from Employer Based Tax Incentives because even candidates that don't qualify for WOTC often qualify for other tax incentives.

How Do I Get Qualified For These Additional Employer Tax Credits?

Make sure we are working with your company on not just WOTC, but all Tax Incentives for your Company.   Contact us to add these features (at no additional monthly cost to your Client Portal).   Click the support button above or call us at 888.705.5557